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Thameslink - Achieving Metro Headways on the Mainline

Paul Bates

From: Thameslink - Achieving Metro Headways on the Mainline, 26 March 2014, London

26 March 2014  Transport channel

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About the presentation

The Thameslink Programme has been procured by the Department for Transport to increase capacity for routes into London from the North and South, which will be achieved through the procurement of a new fleet of trains, significant enhancements to the stations in the Core of the Thameslink Route and signalling control systems to support a reliable 24 tph service.
A robust 24 tph service on a two track railway through the centre of London requires metro style signalling systems to be applied to trains and infrastructure designed to support heavy rail operation.
This presentation will look into the need for high capacity signalling systems, why ATO and ETCS was selected for Thameslink, how the project has developed the scheme based on lessons learned from the Cambrian ERTMS early deployment scheme and how traffic management will be deployed across the Thameslink Route to support the operation.

About the speaker

Project Director, Network Rail

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