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Are we as engineers designing smartly across the transport sector?

John Judge

From: Are we as engineers designing smartly across the transport sector?, 17 April 2013, London, UK

17 April 2013  Transport channel

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About the presentation

The commercial consequences of good and bad design. Using positive and negative examples of engineering design, John Judge offers a commercial manager's view of the technical and commercial interface of under- and over-ground railways, highways and aviation projects. He examines the commercial consequences of when design goes right and when it goes wrong, stressing the importance of why we should be designing smartly on all future transport mode integration projects.
He looks at the lessons to consider when designing smartly, the challenges to face, and how best to apply learning when delivering solutions. Organised by the London local network.

About the speaker

John Judge is a former director of Mott McDonald and in 2005 started Judge 3D, a commercial management company that specialises in major rail, aviation, highways, telecommunications and energy infrastructure projects.
With over 25 years' experience providing commercial and associated management services to global construction and infrastructure markets, to customers and contracting supply chains, John has consistently delivered projects within budget or with improved margins.

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