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Intelligence gathering and security in the maritime sector

Rob Lenihan

From: Safety at Sea - global challenges in maritime security, 12 December 2012, IET London: Savoy Place, UK

12 December 2012  Transport channel

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About the presentation

Transport Sector key topic event to explore global challenges of maritime security due to piracy.
Over 80% of all international trade in goods is carried by sea with 95% of the UK’s international trade in goods travels this way. Despite the contraction of the market net overseas earnings of maritime services and shipping is worth £2.5billion a year to the UK (DfT statistics). On a global scale marine transport remains the foundation for supporting international trade and globalisation.

Security of the maritime industry is vital to the growth and stability of global economies so disruption to the highly complex network of routes and ports forming the backbone of the industry, can lead to potentially significant economic damage.

Bringing together senior leaders from the maritime Industry, this event examines current and future technical and training capabilities and concepts with the major maritime security and defence stakeholders. Providing a platform to discuss key challenges, drivers for change and enable solutions to be realised.

About the speaker

CEO, Connectedpath

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