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The Costs of Transport: A panel discussion

Roderick A Smith, FREng, ScD

From: The Costs of Transport, Organised by IET Manchester Transport Technical Group and IET Automotive and Rail Transport Systems TPN: Jointly with the Manchester Salon, 30 October 2012, Manchester, UK

31 October 2012  Transport channel

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About the presentation

A panel of experts addresses the contributions that science and technology can make to the development of road and rail transport. Can science and technology provide the solutions for our transport problems? The costs of transport can't just be measured in simple financial terms; the wider environmental and social costs need to be considered when identifying solutions. The squeeze on the public finances is limiting the level of investment in transport infrastructure; can there be a cost effective way to tackle the transport issues? Can road user charging ever be considered as an appropriate strategy for reducing congestion? This expert panel will discuss the options for improving travel and how the wider costs can be taken into account when formulating the best solutions. This event is part of the Manchester Science Festival

About the speaker

Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department for Transport, past president of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and chair of the Future Rail research Centre at Imperial College

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