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Keeping London and other venue cities moving

Clare Springett

From: How London 2012 will change UK transport, 26 October 2012, London, UK

Chaired by Professor Tony Ridley, Emeritus Professor of Transport Engineering at Imperial College London, this event showcases the delivery of UK-wide transport for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and discussed how learnings will be deployed in the future

26 October 2012  Transport channel

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About the presentation

One of the biggest fears for the London 2012 Games was that London and the UK’s transport system would not be able to cope with the volume of spectators anticipated for the Games. Communicating with the public, businesses and freight industries, and encouraging people to change their travel and delivery behaviour was therefore key. Clare Springett will discuss the role of Travel Demand Management in helping to proactively inform the public and give people alternatives to help spread demand.

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