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Risk analysis and evaluation of security measures

Christoph Zulauf,

From: SeRoN's Infrastructure Risk and Resilience, 11 October 201, London UK

11 October 2012  Transport channel

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About the presentation

Transport networks provide the backbone of highly interdependent supply chains that underpin economies and societies on a local, regional and global scale. Recent events have shown that failures within these networks can have cascading and unintended consequences that cannot be easily militated against. For this reason organisations and governments are being challenged to understand and manage risk across interdependent infrastructure networks. the European Commission and the SeRoN Project will cover specific methodologies and tools relevant to understanding risk and resilience within the context of transportation networks. It will also explore the broader issues of resilience within other infrastructure networks, energy and built environment sectors, exposed to natural, manmade and terrorist threats.
This presentation covers:
* Risk analysis
* Identifying suitable countermeasures
* Cost benefit assessment

About the speaker
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