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A recipe for jam - can congestion be defined consistently?

N B Taylor

From: RTIC 2012, Session 4 - Environment, 26 September 2012, IET London: Savoy Place, UK

26 September 2012  Transport channel

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About the presentation

RTIC reviews the latest and most innovative traffic management and public transport systems advances on the road network, through the application of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Since 2008 RTIC has been produced jointly as the IET Road Transport Information and Control Conference and the ITS United Kingdom Annual Members’ Conference.

After a successful call for papers the complete programme is on the website.

The programme is a collection of some very interesting papers including:
* How implementing 80mph speed limits could influence driver behaviour
* Motorway control systems; designing to maximise value for money
* Smart road restraint systems: integrating sensing technology into crash barriers
* ITS for electric vehicles - an electromobility roadmap
* Measuring the quality of public journey planning
* A recipe for jam - can congestion be defined consistently?
* Toll interoperability - essential for the United Kingdom
* A real-world example of deploying reduced cost, advanced public transport data management solution to deliver proven higher quality travel information

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