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EPE 2011 - Electric vehicles: Will the lights go out when I plug mine in to recharge?

Dr Steve McDonald

From Europe Power Electronics 2011, Birmingham, 30th September 2011
Continuing the series of lectures on “Electric Vehicles - the journey from power station to wheel†this evening lecture will explore the relationship between the government's current drive for low carbon transportation and the UK’s electric power generation capability.
Energy is central to the development of the modern world, but is increasingly facing new challenges. How can the global market place ensure the supply of clean energy that will enhance and improve the daily lives of so many?
With road based transport currently accounting for 22 per cent of the UK's CO2 emissions reducing the reliance on carbon based fuels in this area is a priority. Electric vehicles offer the potential to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional petrol/diesel engine driven vehicles
This lecture will explore the aim for zero carbon electricity, the emerging energy gap and the subsequent need for significant investment.

30 August 2011  Transport channel

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About the presentation

Electric Vehicle charging is a hot topic at the moment. It is well known that with large numbers of vehicles, the potential impact on electrical supply infrastructure of people just plugging in their vehicles as and when they want to could be significant. Avoiding the existing peak periods is one way of ensuring the electric vehicle load does not significantly increase the overall generation capacity in the short to medium term and in fact can improve utilisation of existing assets. However, implementing such approaches in the real world is not straightforward. There are numerous issues such as the lack of a definitive standard for smart meters in the UK, user awareness, immature technology for EV charging and complex interactions between the energy supply and distribution companies. This presentation will provide an overview of some of the steps we are taking to try to address this problem in the North East of England.

About the speaker

Dr. Steve McDonald is the CTO of emerging technologies at Narec, the National Renewable Energy Centre in Blyth, Northumberland. Having been involved in a range of power electronic and engineering projects, he is presently engaged with the Plugged in places team at ONE North East leading the workstreams on integrating the EV infrastructure with smart grid technologies and investigating the applications for induction charging in the region.

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