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EPE 2011 - Electric vehicles: A help or hindrance on the road to low/zero carbon electricity?

Steve Argent

From Europe Power Electronics 2011, Birmingham, 30th September 2011
Continuing the series of lectures on “Electric Vehicles - the journey from power station to wheel†this evening lecture will explore the relationship between the government's current drive for low carbon transportation and the UK’s electric power generation capability.
Energy is central to the development of the modern world, but is increasingly facing new challenges. How can the global market place ensure the supply of clean energy that will enhance and improve the daily lives of so many?
With road based transport currently accounting for 22 per cent of the UK's CO2 emissions reducing the reliance on carbon based fuels in this area is a priority. Electric vehicles offer the potential to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional petrol/diesel engine driven vehicles
This lecture will explore the aim for zero carbon electricity, the emerging energy gap and the subsequent need for significant investment.

30 August 2011  Transport channel

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About the presentation

This presentation provides an overview of how the electricity grid currently works, highlighting the current profile for supply and demand and looks at how the introduction of electric vehicles will affect the balance
With a large number of coal and nuclear power stations to close by 2015 there is a need to fill the generation gap.
Steve explains the data from the 12 month CABLED trial (managed by ARUP), analysing peoples use of electric vehicles and a forecast of the potential impact of electric vehicles on the grid.

About the speaker

Steve Argent prepared the electricity generation and grid sections of the Arup/Cenex report for the Department of Transport and BERR 'Investigation into the Scope for the Transport Sector to Switch to Electric Vehicles and Plugin Hybrid Vehicles'. Prior to joining Arup in April 2008 Steve was Technical Adviser for the British Energy Regulator, Ofgem.

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