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Thames Valley Vision - The Future Energy Challenges

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From: Thames Valley Vision - The Future Energy Challenges, 26th November 2013, Bracknell

26 November 2013  Power channel

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About the presentation

Demand Response, Electrical Vehicle Charging, Renewable Energy Integration, Smart Metering.

This presentation shows how Scottish and Southern Energy Power Developments (SSEPD), as the network operator for the South of England, is responding to the connection of all these technologies, meeting the challenges of the increase of the peak load and managing the transition effectively into the future low carbon era.

Brian Shewan, Development Manager of the Low Carbon Network Fund (LCNF) Projects in SSEPD together with Project Partners GE and Honeywell will explain the work that is presently being undertaken and trialled in the Bracknell area.

About the speaker

Brian Shewan, SSEPD Low Carbon Network Fund Project Manager

David Kirkland, GE Energy Technical Solutions Director

Scott Petersen, Director of Smart Grids, Honeywell Europe

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