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Moving towards low carbon and climate-ready buildings

Rajat Gupta

Moving towards low carbon and climate-ready buildings, 6th November 2013, Oxford

06 November 2013  Power channel

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About the presentation

Energy use in buildings accounts for about 50 percent of UK’s CO2 emissions, and our building stock is also recognised to be inadequate in capacity to adapt to future climate change or even variation in the current climate. The construction industry is already working to make buildings more energy efficient, but expected changes in the climate over the next 100 years mean that we will need to achieve rapid and massive CO2 reductions, as well as adapt our existing and new buildings if they are to cope. This presentation reviews the need for buildings to become low energy, low carbon and climate ready, how this can be achieved through new-builds and refurbishments, and how the actual energy performance is verified and optimised through building performance evaluation and post-occupancy feedback. The presentation will draw heavily from our on-going research projects funded by ESRC, EPSRC, TSB and industry on climate change adaptation of suburban neighbourhoods, design for future climate, evaluating low carbon communities, carbon mapping and building performance evaluation

About the speaker

Oxford University for Sustainable Development

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