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Archimedean Screw Hydropower System Generators for River Power Applications

Dave Mann

From: Renewable Energy Generating Machines and Power Electronics, 4th September 2013, Birmingham

04 September 2013  Power channel

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About the presentation

With increasing demand for energy from renewable sources this timely seminar is one half of a pair looking at recent developments in electrical machines and power electronics. Whilst majoring on the machines, this seminar will touch on the market drivers, renewable energy generating power electronics, and practical issues of implementing these schemes.
Our speakers will guide us through how rotating, linear, permanent magnet and non-permanent magnet machines have been matched to wind, wave, hydro and tidal renewable energy applications. Whilst full scale renewable schemes frequently involve MW rated machines, smaller generators can play their part too either as technology demonstrators, or installations in their own right. Our speakers will consider machines from 100 KW to MW, as well as how technology from one application area can be brought to bear in the renewable field.
Complementing the presentations will be the opportunity to discuss the topics further with our Expert Panel, and to meet with other engineers during the coffee and extended lunch breaks.

Organised by the Power Generation and Conversion TPN.

About the speaker

Mann-Power Consulting Ltd.

Dave's background in electronic and seismic engineering led to a 15-year career in project management worldwide. In 2003 he finally took the opportunity to pursue a lifelong passion for the potential of hydropower, and set up Mann Power Consulting Ltd as an independent consultancy. He is now a regular speaker at British Hydropower Association conferences and seminars.

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