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A Bright Future for Power Generation: An Insight into Solar PV in Wales

Keith Baker

From: South Wales Prestige Lecture, 27 June 2013, Swansea, UK

27 June 2013  Power channel

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About the presentation

This prestige lecture provides an insight into solar PV technology, its future role in generating electricity for Wales, as well as the impact of Government interaction in the solar PV marketplace. The lecture is based on my experience of collaboration between industry academia to develop leading Solar PV technology as well as the construction of Wales' very first large scale solar farm.

About the speaker

Chief Operating Officer of Pure Wafer PLC.

Graduated in 1983 with BSc in Electrical and engineering, Swansea University. With 15 years experience in semiconductor industry Inmos, Nat Semi and Siemens. 1998 Vice President R+D and Marketing for Steag Microtech GmBH

In 2000 he became the Founder of Pure Wafer Ltd where he then in 2004 floated company on the stock exchange. Then in 2007 he led the acquisition of Pure Inc in Prescott Arizona and raised £45M on LSE to exit VC funders and fully floated PLC.

Chair of the South West Wales branch of the IEE
Member SERP (Swansea Economic Regeneration Partnership) in 2003 and is a Member of Welsh Govt AM+M sector panel.

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