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Protecting the transport built environment - Understanding And Managing Major Emergent Infrastructure Risks

James Kimmance

From: Solar Storms: Building a business case to protect and prepare ground based infrastructure against geomagnetic storms, 30 April 2013, London, UK

29 April 2013  Power channel

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About the presentation

Terrorism and natural disasters might be at the forefront of the minds of policy makers and the global population, but a significant threat lurks over our heads: the sun. A massive solar storm, of a size last seen a century and a half ago, could easily leave hundreds of millions of people in the dark for days, weeks or even months.
This presentation will cover:
* Understanding the increase vulnerabilities of our infrastructure systems to risks posed by man-made and natural hazards
* Defining cascading risk to determine and develop reasonable responses.
* Interdependency issues
* Risk management strategies and means of assessment that may support a better understanding are introduced and reviewed
* Observing the potential impact of solar storms on transport systems,
particularly in view of their interdependency are made

About the speaker

Director, Risk Mechanics

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