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Challenging the naysayers: global wave and tidal deployment in five years' time

Paul Gardner

From: Wave and Tidal Energy: Towards commercialisation, 24 April 2013, Glasgow, UK

10 April 2013  Power channel

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About the presentation

The UK marine energy industry is on the threshold of rapid growth. A global leader in the development of wave and tidal energy, the UK has well developed plans for commercial deployment of its projects.
The IET Wave and Tidal Conference 2013 takes you to Glasgow, Scotland, the hub of the Marine renewable's industry.
This Presentation will cover:
* GLGH's five year global projections for wave and tidal
* Wave and tidal 'dead in the water'?
* What we need from government so that projections can be achieved

About the speaker

Senior Principal Engineer-Strategy & Policy, GL Garrad Hassan

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