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The technical visit to the Kings Yard Energy Centre on the Olympic Park

Mark Raymond

The IET's visit to the Kings Yard Energy Centre on the Olympic Park

19 November 2012  Power channel

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About the presentation

The Kings yard Energy Centre was one of two power stations on the Olympic Park. The design of the Energy Centre is sustainable and flexible to allow future technologies to be used within the Centre as they are developed. The IET was invited to have a look around prior to the Games so an insight could be gained on its design, construction and technical analysis of its power generation and district heating capability. On the tour were 3 carefully selected experts that were there to ask the questions you would have; had you been there:

* Cameron Steel, Chair IET Built Environment Sector | MD BK Design
* Huw Blackwell, Chair IET BETNET | Senior Sustainability Consultant Hoare Lea
* Phil Jones, Chair CIBSE CHP and DH Group | MD Building Energy Solutions
* Bruce McLelland | IET Build Environment Sector Head, IET

About the speaker

Facility Manager East London Energy, Cofely

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