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Opening: IET Bruce McLelland, Head of the IET Built Environment Sector

Bruce McLelland,

From: London Summer School 2012 31st July 2012, London, UK

31 July 2012  Power channel

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About the presentation

Training the next generation of energy efficiency experts is the overriding goal of the USE Efficiency project which has been funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. From June 2009 to January 2012, universities, enterprises and institutes have been working together to improve student education and to spread understanding of methodologies and technologies relating to energy efficiency action. The USE efficiency project has involved 10 EU countries (nine Universities and four market players) and focused on the improvement of energy efficiency in university buildings and the establishment of training programmes for university students. This year, the programme has targeted sports buildings and the USE Efficiency Association was able to arrange a special edition of the summer school during the Olympic Games in London in conjunction with the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), the Italian Ministry of Environment, the Newton -Guardian Channel and the ODA, and with a number of major construction firms involved in the Olympic also participating to share their experience and provide case studies.

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