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Home Efficiency and Smart Metering: Smart energy - now it's personal

Pilgrim Beart, Founder Director, AlertMe

From: Home Efficiency and Smart Metering: Clerk Maxwell Lecture, 19 January 2012, London

19 January 2012  Power channel

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About the presentation

Pilgrim Beart MIET co-founded AlertMe, one of the leading companies in the new field of Home Energy Management. After a degree in Computer Science at City University London, he spent his early career as a hands-on engineer innovating in UK and Silicon Valley technology start-ups. In 1998 he returned to the UK and started his first company, developing an indoor location system.
His second start-up was an antenna technology company which went on to ship 100m's of antennas into consumer devices. Building on his experience of technology innovation, he then co-founded AlertMe in 2005 to address what the founders saw as an 'inevitable' new opportunity - connecting us to our homes, making the so-called Connected Home, or Smarty Home, a mass-market reality. Pilgrim speaks passionately about the potential of engineering innovation to improve our lives.

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