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Economic view - The impact of current and future economic conditions on UK manufacturing

Lee Hopley

From: Manufacturing Summit 2013: Investing in UK Manufacturing, 18 April 2013, London, UK

18 April 2013  Manufacturing channel

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About the presentation

The Manufacturing Summit was established to bring government, industry and stakeholder organisations together to promote UK manufacturing and discuss important issues. The theme for 2013 is "Investing in UK Manufacturing".
Now in it's fourth year, the Manufacturing Summit was established to facilitate the debate between industry and government, providing UK manufacturers with the opportunity to hear from and to question key speakers from industry, government, politics, economics and stakeholder organisations.
More than ever manufacturing is at the very heart of the UK's economic future. The theme for 2013 is 'Investing in UK Manufacturing'. What is the Government doing to help manufacturers? What can manufacturers and in particular SMEs do to help themselves?
The UK Manufacturing Summit offers manufacturers a unique chance to obtain maximum benefit from one event. With senior keynote speakers from Government and Industry, a question time panel and practical sessions, this event gives manufacturers of any size the opportunity to take away real practical benefit for their business.

About the speaker

Chief Economist at the EEF

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