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Thoughts on The Asset Management Conference

Panel Discussion

From: The Asset Management Conference - Call for Papers, 27th November 2013, London

27 November 2013  Management channel

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About the presentation

The Asset Management Conference is annually attended by over 250 asset management professionals from around the world representing a wide range of asset intensive industry, public and academic sectors.

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This event provides huge value from just one day out of the office:
Dual and tri parallel streams all filmed and available on demand.
Conference proceedings containing all of the technical papers.
A keynote presentation from David Wright, Director Electricity Transmission Asset Management, National Grid.
Interactive posters sessions.

And still all run in conjunction with the IAM's Annual Lecture and Dinner

About the speaker

Panelists - James O’Neill, Ajith Parlikad, John Meehan, Kris Moodley

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