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How to be Recognised as a Project Controls Professional

Alec Ray

From: How to be Recognised as a Project Controls Professional, Savoy Place, London, 15:00pm, 22 February 2013

22 February 2013  Management channel

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About the presentation

For a considerable period of time, the Cost Engineer, Estimator and Planner (CEE&P) have struggled to demonstrate their professional standing, as they do not fit the professional requirements of many of the professional bodies. This has now been addressed by building an accreditation programme based on the Engineering Council registration standards and the national occupational standards for cost engineering, estimating and planning project control and commercial support.
The webinar discusses what ACostE have in place to professionally accredit the professional practitioner leading to one of the following: ECostE(Enrolled), RCostE(Registered) ICostE(Incorporated) or CPCostE (Certified Professional) with the options to progress through to the tiered framework to CPCostE all these are recognised by ICEC (the International Cost Engineering Council). Coupled to this ACostE Accreditation Programme is also : Companies Skills Development Frameworks for the CEE&P community and Course Accreditation in support of the National Occupations standards for the CEE&P skills

The webinar will discuss the alternative Professional Recognition routes via ACostE leading to CCE (an ICEC status), and also Engineering Council Eng Tech, IEng and CEng, providing suitable prior engineering experience is demonstrated.

The webinar will also cover the IET approach to delivering the Engineering Council status of Eng Tech, IEng and CEng.

About the speaker

Alec Ray, is a past President of the Association of Cost Engineers, and currently International Chairman. He is past Vice-Chairman, of the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC), and is currently Deputy Director of the European Region of ICEC, and a Distinguished International Fellow.
His career is in Project Management and Controls in the Oil and Gas Industry, and he is also Deputy Chair of the IET/ACostE Technical and Professional Network.

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