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Linking drinking water supply level of service to RAM performance criteria of production and pumping installations

Geert Jan van Heck

From: Asset Management 2012, Session 7: Reliability & Availability, 27 November 2012, London, UK

27 November 2012  Management channel

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About the presentation

The conference covers all aspects of asset management including both principles and processes, technical and managerial aspects focusing on tools, standards and data and the application of business processes.

The first ever Asset Management Conference call for papers in 2011 was extremely well received and was attended by over 250 asset management professionals from 17 different countries around the world representing some 20+ asset intensive industry, public and academic sectors.

"...The success of the conference was illustrated firstly by the professional organisation and very high quality presentations delivered throughout the day. Furthermore, it was a sell-out event with academics and practitioners from all corners of the world in attendance. This provided an unprecedented networking opportunity with such a global perspective having never been experienced previously. This has undoubtedly become ‘The Asset Management Conference’ with mandatory attendance for any organisation that wants to be up-to-date in this area..."

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