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Ada 2005 in Practice

Jeff Cousins

From: Ada UK Conference, 25 April 2013, Birmingham, UK

25 April 2013  IT channel

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About the presentation

In an era when software impacts on almost every part of our lives, the need for software that is both safe and secure has never been greater or more urgent. With decades of success in industrial sectors including avionics, aerospace and defence, Ada is generating new interest in domains such as automotive, medical and financial systems, where the cost of software errors can range from lost livelihoods to lost lives. Ada 2012 is the next generation of the world’s premier programming language for engineering safe, secure and reliable software.

The most important enhancements in Ada 2012 are directly related to program "correctness", namely the introduction of more powerful assertion mechanisms (predicates) into the language: pre- and post-conditions for subprograms, type invariants, and subtype predicates. These are mechanisms that encourage the programmer to better specify the intent of the code they write, and allow the run-time system to verify that this intent is actually achieved. These "programming by contract" features are also beneficial when utilising static analysis tools.

Ada is used worldwide, in both government and commercial systems. It is taught at universities and colleges where software engineering has an important focus.

The Ada Conference UK 2013 is made possible through the efforts of the Centre for Software Reliability and lead sponsor AdaCore.

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