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Tim Boden

From: Delivering London 2012: ICT implementations and operations: launch event for the new IET Special Interest Publication, 11 February 2013, London, UK

11 February 2013  IT channel

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About the presentation

London 2012 was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to showcase everything that makes Britain great in order to generate long term benefit for UK businesses and the economy. These were the most digitally enabled Games ever, and the first ever social media games, providing real time information, data, pictures, texts, phone calls and video required for the Games. The London Olympics and Paralympics demonstrated the strength and innovation potential of the UK digital industries and the technology supply chain. But not only by working together with a sense of urgency and a common purpose, government and industry collaborated to meet a grand challenge.
The publication launch event explores lessons learned from the Games and examine how these can be taken forward to future major initiatives and to address major UK socio-economic challenges whilst creating a platform that can be exploited globally to create UK wealth.

About the speaker

2012 Technical Director, BT

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