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The IET Appleton Lecture 2013: Superfast broadband - what will it take to make it happen?

Steve Unger

From: The IET Prestige Lecture Series 2013, Appleton Lecture, Savoy Place, London, 6 February 2013

06 February 2013  IT channel

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About the presentation

Over the last year, the data downloaded over a typical fixed broadband connection increased by 35 percent, and the data downloaded over a typical mobile connection more than doubled.

It's difficult if not impossible to predict future levels of growth, but there's no reason to believe that the virtuous circle of service innovation and capacity growth, which over the last decade has transformed our sector, is about to stop.

We therefore need to consider how fixed and mobile access networks might evolve to meet this challenge, and to what extent all access networks will be dependent on 'fibre to the lamppost'.

- Steve Unger, Chief Technology Officer, Ofcom

Join us on 6 February 2013 at the home of the IET where Steve Unger, Chief Technology Officer at Ofcom will present his talk on 'Fibre broadband – what will it take to make it happen?'

The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception where delegates can continue discussions on the evenings topic. Having been well received in 2012, we are very much looking forward to Appleton Lecture 2013!

About the speaker

Steve Unger is Ofcom's Chief Technology Officer, and is also the Group Director responsible for Ofcom's strategic approach to communications regulation.

His group is responsible for critically evaluating external market and regulatory developments, and leading the process of setting Ofcom's strategic priorities. He is also responsible for several specific policy areas, including Ofcom's work on Communications Infrastructure.

Steve previously worked in industry - for two technology startups, both of whom designed and operated their own communications networks, and as a consultant advising a variety of other companies on the commercial application of new wireless technologies.

He has a Physics MA and a PhD in Astrophysics.

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