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Research Priorities for Accessible Smart Living

Peter Ball

Accessible ICT:Priorities for Future Research on Accessible Information and Communication Technology Systems and Services. 22 January 2013 IET London: Savoy Place

22 January 2013  IT channel

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About the presentation

The aim of this conference is to obtain a consensus on priorities for future research on accessible information and communication technology systems and services. Funding bodies need to ascertain the best strategy for investing their finite resources in research and development to benefit disabled and elderly people. The scope will include network-based services (social networks, collective intelligent systems, augmented reality, cloud computing, advanced location aware services and ambient intelligent systems) as well as novel user interfaces and technology transfer.

About the speaker

Peter Ball is Strategic Research Director at Building Research Establishment. Since graduating with a degree in Construction Technology and Management in 1984, Peter has spent a considerable amount of his time working outside the construction sector developing new and innovative technologies in smart, wireless, mobile and emerging technologies and is the winner of two International Innovation Awards for mobile solutions.

As Strategic Research Director, he now plays an important part of the shaping the research strategy of BRE and works with the Modern Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network on new and emerging technologies and innovative technologies. Peter works closely with the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board and EPSRC as a mentor, assessor and industry stakeholder and helps to shape the funding roadmap to support Research and Development for the built environment.
Peter also sits on the UK Management Board of Construct IT, is an advisor to the Design in Mental Health Network and leads BRE’s Health and Wellbeing strategy.

In 2011, Peter helped develop and launch the NHS Sustainability Portal with a number of key healthcare estates stakeholders which is looking to address the challenges faced by the NHS Estate. He is currently working with the Welsh Government on an innovative demonstration of tele-health and assisted living. The CEFALT project has created a living lab for highlighting addressing the issues and challenges of elderly people living alone and is fuelling research into new replacement technologies for assisted living as well as technologies, processes and opportunities for the built environment to deliver preventative healthcare interventions to address the issues of chronic illness and disease.

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