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The Future of Life: From Biology to the Biosphere

Stephen Emmott

The Future of Life Evening Lecture,
From Savoy Place, the London home of the IET
12 December 2012, London, UK

13 December 2012  IT channel

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About the presentation

This lecture will share the ground-breaking work being carried out by the research laboratory of software industry leader, Microsoft.
The 21st century poses unprecedented challenges. Climate change and the degradation of ecosystems are pitted against the challenges of feeding 10 billion people and sustainably meeting our rapidly increasing global energy demands.
Whilst Microsoft has long been a household name, there is more to this global giant than the software upon which so many of us rely on a daily basis.
At Microsoft Research's Computational Science Laboratory in Cambridge, scientists are pioneering a transformation of both how science is done and what science is done, in areas of societal importance and in critical domains of the 'science-based economy.'

About the speaker

Stephen Emmott is Head of Computational Science at Microsoft, where he leads a highly interdisciplinary research programme and team of scientists focused on tackling fundamental problems in science in areas of societal importance; bringing together new kinds of scientists, in a new kind of Laboratory, pioneering new kinds of methods.
A neuroscientist by background, Stephen’s research now spans areas ranging from immunology to ecology, and biological computation to programming life.

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