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Robots Like Us

Murray Shanahan

From the Science Museum, London

27 November 2013  Control & Automation channel

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About the presentation

Computers are getting faster and more powerful, and artificial intelligence technology is advancing. Yet today's robots still seem very primitive compared to those we find in science fiction. Why has it been so hard to make robots that are like us? What are the technological challenges to doing so? Should robot brains be like biological brains, or might they conform to very different principles? And if we do make robots with human-level intelligence, will they be conscious like us?

About the speaker

Murray Shanahan is Professor of Cognitive Robotics at Imperial College London. He graduated from Imperial in computer science in 1984, and obtained his PhD in computer science from Cambridge University (King's College) in 1988. Since then he has carried out work in artificial intelligence, robotics, and cognitive science. For the past decade or so he has turned his attention to the brain and its embodiment. His current interests include brain connectivity, neurodynamics, comparative cognition, and the relationship between cognition and consciousness. His book "Embodiment and the Inner Life" was published by Oxford University Press in 2010.

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