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Robotics Challenges for Planetary Exploration

Professor Ralph Cordey

From: Developments in Space Robotics, 09 October 2013, University of Warwick, Coventry

09 October 2013  Control & Automation channel

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About the presentation

The talk will start from the basic challenges for robotic solutions in planetary exploration: the problems posed by accommodation, by energy resources, and by the operating environment. Maximising return from robotic missions, in terms of achievable range (for mobile systems) or gathered samples, provides further challenges. We will look at some of the UK heritage in planetary robotics and at key activities currently being undertaken in the UK community, notably including contributions from outside of the mainstream space industries. We will look at commonalities between space robotics challenges and those that are relevant to terrestrial situations entailing operations in hostile environments.

About the speaker

Ralph Cordey leads business development for Astrium Satellites in Science and Robotic Exploration. He holds a doctorate in radio astronomy and has worked in industry and in the European Space Agency on techniques and applications of Earth-observing radar systems. His current responsibilities are in the field of future planetary and astronomy missions.

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