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Robotics: Potential for robotics and industry/academia cooperation

Prof. Alan Winfield

From: Robotics: From Innovation to Service
IET London: Savoy Place
20th May 2013

20 May 2013  Control & Automation channel

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About the presentation

Prof. Alan Winfield: Talk on potential for robotics and industry/academia cooperation

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Academic Forum for Robotics (AFR) present an evening of talks and discussion describing and forecasting how current research is creating a new future for robotics in the service of humankind. From autonomous cars, robots for surgery, super appliances for the home or machines to make our lives better in old age, the opportunities appear boundless: yet the scientific, engineering, social and business challenges to achieving this future remain formidable. Our speakers and panellists will chart this future, looking forward to how innovation can overcome the technical, social, safety, and ethical barriers to achieve widespread acceptance and commercial success for a new generation of robotic devices.

About the speaker

Prof. Alan Winfield is Hewlett-Packard professor of electronic engineering at the University or the West of England (UWE), is director of UWE's Science Communication Unit, and is an EPSRC senior media fellow. Alan was a co-founder of the UWE Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory and led the EPSRC public engagement project 'Walking with Robots'. He is a noted speaker on robotics and writes a popular blog on the subject.

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