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Human-robot cooperation for error recovery in oil and gas applications

V Kongezos

From: Control and Automation Conference, Session 4: Robotics , 4-5 June 2013, Birmingham, UK

05 June 2013  Control & Automation channel

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About the presentation

Robotics technology has transformed industrial
manufacturing to the extent that it is difficult nowadays to
imagine a modern production line without robots. With robots
being very well suited to perform repetitive routine tasks
which are unpleasant or dangerous for a human to do,
manufacturing a product, for example a car, just by manual
labour is neither efficient nor cost effective. Furthermore,
some of the tasks may require high repeatability precision
which industrial robots are designed for. Despite the long list
of benefits, robotic technology has not been widely spread in
all industries such as in the oil and gas inudstry. However,
this trend may now change as the world’s demand for fossil
fuels soars, and most of the key players of the industry are
looking into methods to improve and expand the production
efficiency as well as take care of arising health, safety and
environmental (HSE) issues. The robotic technology has the
potential to offer solutions to increase the automation of
physical tasks in the field while the human operators can
operate the overall integrated robotics system from a safe
control room away from hazardous and unpleasant areas. This
paper presents a novel approach to user interface based error
recovery. The approach has been implemented and tested as
part of an on-site robotics demonstrator at an onshore gas
processing plant.

About the speaker

ABB, Norway

Valentinos Kongezos has a Ph.D. in Robotics and Automation and has been in the field of automation for the oil and gas industry for the last 7 years. His interests lie within the area of robotics for the oil and gas sector and remote inspection and intervention for the digital oil-field. He has been involved into several oil and gas projects in the north sea region.

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