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A New Broadcasting System; How media will change in a highly connected world

Stephen Baily

From: ECOC 2013, 23rd September 2013, London

23 September 2013  Communications channel

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About the presentation

A presentation by Stephen Baily, General Manager, Research and Development, BBC on how media will change in a highly connected world

About the speaker

General Manager, Research and Development, BBC

Matthew Postgate is a senior technology executive at the BBC responsible for the corporation's internet platform group, its research and development department and the business unit that manages mass participation with BBC programming. He serves on the board of the Future Media division that develops the BBC audience facing digital services and is also a member of the board of the Technology, Distribution and Archive division that provides the corporation's enterprise technology services. In addition Matthew is a director of Youview Ltd; a joint venture between the BBC, ITV, C4, Channel Five, BT, Talk Talk and Arqiva that is developing a next-generation hybrid television platform.

Prior to his current role within the organisation Matthew was part of the management team that launched BBC iPlayer and was the Controller of BBC mobile where he was responsible for the corporation's mobile services. Before joining the BBC Matthew worked as a telecommunication consultant, was the director of an internet infrastructure start-up and worked at a digital strategy agency for clients including the Royal Mail, BT, Lloyds TSB, Visa and Qinetiq.

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