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Bring your own device

Dai Davies

From: Bring your own device, 19 June 2013, IET Savoy Place, London

19 June 2013  Communications channel

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About the presentation

As sales of laptops fall and those of tablets increase, employers ignore their employees desire to use their own devices at their peril! Workers want the flexibility that mobile devices bring, and employers have found that employees can circumvent restrictions which the employer may have on general internet or social media access at work by using their own devices. But how secure are they?

Why do employees want to use their own devices? How are the operating systems designed? Who controls the 'Android' and other operating systems, why and how? What of Samsung's new 'Tizen' operating system? How secure are these operating systems and therefore the devices which rely upon them? What security if any can be applied to those devices? What is 'sandboxing', and does it work?

And what of the 'apps' that people download onto their devices. Are they all that they seem to be? Can you trust them?

How do these issues fare in the context of the existing and proposed new data protection legislation? Dai Davis answer these and related questions, as well as discussion what - if any - legal controls exist over the use of 'own devices'. Dai will also point the way to both existing and future solutions.

About the speaker

Partner, Percy Crow Davis and Co.

Dai is a Technology Lawyer. He read Physics at Keble College, Oxford and took a Masters Degree in Computing Science at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne before qualifying as a Solicitor. He is a qualified Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Having previously been national head of Intellectual Property law and later national head of Information Technology law at Eversheds, he is now the principal in his own practice Percy Crow Davis and Co.

Dai advises clients on a wide range of intellectual property rights and licensing; computer and technology law matters. He is primarily a non-contentious lawyer, specialising in advising on commercial agreements relating to software and technology products, including outsourcing agreements, web-related contracts, IT security and cloud computing issues. Dai also has considerable experience advising businesses on high-tech product liability, product recall and product safety issues. While he is based in Leeds, he advises clients in London and throughout the country.

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