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Downloading Top Gear Legally: Why I Joined the BBC

Anthony Rose

An IET Young Professionals Event 2008, Savoy Place, London, UK

20 May 2008  Communications channel

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About the presentation
Following the release of the BBC iPlayer, UK viewers are able to download and stream television programmes on demand. Previously, such content could only be viewed as a traditionally broadcast programme or, for some at least, as illegal downloads. Anthony Rose talks about his involvement with the BBC iPlayer project including his motivation for joining the BBC, the challenges that have been overcome and the problems that lie ahead for the next generation of the BBC iPlayer.
About the speaker
Anthony Rose, Head of Digital Media Technology, BBC Anthony Rose was appointed Head of Digital Media Technology at the BBC in September 2007 where he became responsible for delivering the next generation of BBC iPlayer. Previously, Anthony was Chief Technology Officer at Kazaa/Altnet. During his six years with the organisation, his work included P2P networks, DRM-based content publishing and social networking services.
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