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Addressing Key Challenges in Effective Test Automation As Applied to Multi-Screen Digital TV

John Maguire

From: Then, now and where to? The Society for Broadband Professionals Spring Lecture Meeting 2013, 17 April 2013, London, UK

17 April 2013  Communications channel

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About the presentation

Digital TV serice providers, both incumbent and new, are in a race to deliver compelling new multi-screen services to their customers. To deliver these services to thier customers. To deliver these services they are developing ever more complex delievery platforms from multi-vendor head-end installations through to multiple devices in the living rooms of consumers. As the system engineering complexity of these platforms have risen so, too has the demand to apply automation to the challenge of verifying their operation to reduce time to market and improve quality.
This presentation examines some of the key challenges in effectively applying automation to this fastmoving area and the types of technology that are being deployed to meet these challenges. It will discuss the relative merits of deterministic reference based video quality MOS measurement. versus non-reference perceptual measurements; internal 'white box' development testing versus 'blackbox' production system testing, and ways to accelerate test case development without introducing undue brittleness into the reliability of the automated test environment.
TV continues to play a huge role in the daily media consumption diet of most people worldwide. According iDate Research, the number of TV households worldwide will grow by almost 10% to reach 1.502 billion in 2016. There are huge changes underway in the services being delivered and the technology used to deliver them to this growing viewer base. This presents us with many interesting new technical challenges still to be overcome.

About the speaker

Director of Product Strategy, TV Technology, S3 GROUP

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