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Aspiring to Capability Brown: Re-architecting M2M at Everything Everywhere

Dominic Varley

From: Connect or Die, 1 November 2012, Savoy Place, London, UK

01 November 2012  Communications channel

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About the presentation

Everything Everywhere’s new M2M service, Transcend, is much more than a remodelling of an old stately home. To borrow from Colvin’s description of the great landscape architect Capability Brown: "the house which had before dominated the estate became an integral part of a carefully composed landscape". The re-architecture of the M2M service required, at times, seismic changes but has, hopefully, resulted in a gracefully beautiful solution. A year after the launch of Everything Everywhere’s new M2M service, Dominic reviews what was achieved and what it might mean for the market place.

About the speaker

Dominic Varley, Senior Solutions Architect for Transatel Platform, Everything Everywhere

Dominic’s PhD projected him into spacecraft industry where he architected and built a new generation of packetised monitoring and control systems. Moving to Orange in 2000, Dominic has been responsible for realising a diverse set of products notably Java SIM cards, BlackBerry, MVNOs and, returning to remote monitoring and control, M2M. For more information please visit:

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