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Opportunities for reshaping the future of your industry?

Colin Brereton, Partner, Global Communications Industry Practice, PwC

From: TThe Cambridge Wireless 4th Future of Wireless International Conference, Session B-3: Policy Panel - Reshaping regulatory frameworks for a connected world, 26-27 June 2012, Cambridge, UK

27 June 2012  Communications channel

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About the presentation

The theme for this year’s conference is: "The Reshaping of the Mobile Industry." For over twenty-five years, the wireless industry has delivered value to consumers by investing and innovating in technology and business models for voice and data services. Today, network operators, device manufacturers and their supply ecosystems, are in the midst of a deep seismic change as consumers migrate strongly towards content and services provided by web and digital media brands.
Given the growing high quality, high-bandwidth, wide-area coverage, how will operators change to remain successful; and how will they continue to make acceptable ROI while investing in tomorrow's networks?
With operating systems, user experience and content ecosystems driving the device agenda, what is the future for manufacturers in this reshaped landscape? How can they innovate and adapt for an internet driven future?
This event was organised jointly by Cambridge Wireless, the ICT KTN and the IET.

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