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Wireless Systems in the Home Environment

Professor Richard Langley, Professor of Comunications Research, University of Sheffield

From: Can Radio Deliver The Home Area Network For Future Smart Energy?, 26th April 2012, Cambridge

26 April 2012  Communications channel

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About the presentation

Wireless signal propagation between the smart meter and remote devices presents a significant challenge in our homes. There are also many possible sources of interference from co-existing wireless systems such as WiFi networks, Zigbee etc. This talk will discuss the placement of the meters and sensors, interference and propagation problems, the choice of frequency and modelling of the built environment.
This event was organised jointly by Cambridge Wireless, the ICT KTN and the IET.

About the speaker

Richard Langley has BSc and PhD degrees from the University of Kent. After spending some time working on communications satellites at Marconi Space Systems in the 1970s he became a lecturer at the University of Kent in 1979. Richard was promoted to a personal Chair in Antenna Systems in 1994. Richard was Honorary Editor of IEE Proceedings - Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation from 1995-2003. In 1997 he founded the European Technology Centre for Harada Industries Japan, the world’s largest supplier of automotive antennas. The centre researches and develops advanced hidden antenna systems for the global automotive market including radio, telephone and navigation systems. After successfully building up the technology and business he rejoined academic life in 2003. Professor Langley is now Head of the Communications Research Group at the University of Sheffield. His main research is in the fields of automotive antennas, propagation in the built environment, frequency selective surfaces, electromagnetic band gap materials and applications, multi-function antenna systems and reconfigurable antennas. He initiated the setting up of the Wireless Friendly Building Forum in 2009 to address the problems of wireless signal propagation in buildings and the built environment. Richard has published over 300 papers in international journals and conferences and is a past Chair of the IET Antennas and Propagation Professional Network.

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