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LOCOG Technology – an overview

Pascal Wattiaux

Presentation from the IT Breakfast Series Speaker: Pascal Wattiaux, Director of Technology at London 2012.

23 January 2007  News

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About the presentation
The Games - 26 Olympic Sports with 39 Disciplines - 19 Paralympic Sports with 20 Disciplines - 10,500 Olympic Athletes - 4,500 Paralympic Athletes - 100,000 Total Workforce Technology - Critical to the success of the Games - One fifth (approx) of the global operating budget - Underpins most Functional Areas in all aspects of the operation of the Games from field of play to back-of-house at all venues - Crucial at infrastructure, overlay and operational stages - Crucial at all levels of decision making, centrally and distributed
About the speaker
Co-Founder and VP Marketing, 51 Pegasi. London 2012 has released an information systems tender for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. All the information needed to stage the events will be integrated by the London 2012 Games Organising Committee (LOCOG) in a new approach to major event planning.
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