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Barry Flynn discusses 'How should the Engineering and Technology industry embrace Social Media, Marketing and Public Relations?'

Barry Flynn

From: The IET Multimedia Communications Lecture Series, 11th March 2014, London

11 March 2014  News

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About the presentation

In what is now a bygone era; marketing, influencing and communication, as well as releasing external messages about the latest Engineering or Technology development, was not that complex.

Now, with the explosion of Social Media, ever increasing multi-channel marketing and a generation of people who 'live online', understanding how to get your message out there effectively is more complex than ever.

While most businesses now have a social media presence, many are not realising its full potential.

Where do you start? What are the pitfalls and how can you avoid them?
As part of the IET Multimedia Communications lecture series, this evening event joint with Westminster University 'How should Engineering and Technology industry embrace Social Media, Marketing and Public Relations?'will dispel some myths and share some industry hot-tips.

About the speaker

Director, BFC

Barry is an experienced communications specialist and has advised a wide range of blue-chip media companies and global brands on how to negotiate digital developments across the TV, mobile and Internet sectors. He specialises in translating the implications of abstruse and complex technologies into terms leading industry players can understand and apply to the growth of their businesses; a skill which has latterly been deployed teaching MA students in Media Management at the University of Westminster.

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