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Is the Set Top Box Dead? - Alix Pryde

Alix Pryde

From: John Logie Baird 2013 - Is the Set Top Box Dead?, 3rd October 2013, London

02 December 2013  News

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About the presentation

This year, the IET collaborates with the BBC to deliver the prestigious John Logie Baird Lecture. The lecture brings together top industry experts to debate whether the set top box is dead… or not, given the increasing use of online services by the audience and the delivery of content to all sorts of devices.

Speakers include the BBC's Alix Pryde, Director of Distribution, Ian Mecklenburgh, Director of Consumer Platforms at Virgin, James Rosewell, Founder of 51, Efe Cakarel, CEO and Founder of MUBI, Tom Cape, CEO of Capablue and David Cutts, MD of Strategy and Technology.

The evening was hosted by William Cooper, a well-known industry commentator on interactive media services.

About the speaker

Director, Distribution, BBC

Alix has overall responsibility for the strategy and delivery of the distribution of all of the BBC's television and radio services in the UK, on digital and analogue broadcast platforms.

She advises the BBC Executive Board on strategic developments in distribution technology and manages the BBC's relationships with major distribution suppliers. She is a director of Freeview, Digital UK and the DTG and has been appointed by the Government to the 4G Oversight Board.

In addition, Alix represents the BBC on industry-wide projects working with Government, regulators, other broadcasters, commercial companies and trade bodies. She has also led key projects across the BBC and the wider industry such as digital switchover, the launch of Freeview HD and the expansion of the DAB digital radio network.

Alix's team is currently leading the delivery of the BBC's new five HD channels by early 2014: BBC News HD, BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, CBeebies HD and CBBC HD.

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