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Innovation Asset Management Award

Winner - Omnicom Engineering Ltd

From: Innovation Awards 2013, 20th November 2013, London

20 November 2013  News

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About the presentation

The need for asset intensive industries to collect and interpret asset condition information as part of its Asset Management activity is imperative: Omnicom's OmniVision, a Plain Line Pattern Recognition system has taken the basic principles of inspection and made significant developments. Tracks can now be inspected by trains travelling at 125mph, using high resolution images which can be inspected from the safety of the office. This combination of high speed, consistent inspection allows improvements in network availability, financial efficiencies and reducing safety risk for staff. OmniVision has made an innovative step forward in the discipline of Asset Management by identifying good asset management practice and adapting new technologies to achieve the desired outcomes, going significantly beyond previous capability to inspect these assets and interpret their impact on the business.

About the speaker

OmniVision - A Game Changer for Track Inspection

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