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Paradox - The Nine Greatest Enigmas In Science

Jim Al-Khalili

From: The Sussex IET Network, 26th November 2013, Crawley

26 November 2013  News

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About the presentation

Jim Al-Khalili has presented award winning television and radio documentaries and hosts the weekly programme Life Scientific on BBC Radio 4. In considering puzzles such as 'is it possible to travel back in time?', the scientist is frequently confronted by a paradox - a statement that describes a logically impossible situation. In this lecture Jim Al-Khalili selects some favourite paradoxes from his recent book that will baffle, delight and enlighten, from Schrodinger's famous cat in the box that is dead and alive at the same time to Olbers' paradox about why the sky gets dark at night.

About the speaker

Jim Al-Khalili has presented The Life Scientific on Radio 4 since 2011. Although his 'day job' is as an academic professor of physics at the University of Surrey, where he also has a chair in the public engagement in science, he has achieved wider prominence as a public scientist, author and broadcaster. He has fronted a number of radio and television documentaries, mainly on BBC4, including Chemistry: A Volatile History, which was nominated for a BAFTA in 2010.

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