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Smart Cities: Engineering the Future

Prof Dr Uwe Krueger

From: Smart Cities: Engineering the Future, 16th October 2013, London

16 October 2013  News

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About the presentation

The world is changing rapidly, with cities expected to hold 75 per cent of the global population within 40 years. This move towards mass urbanisation will require evolutionary change as we seek to adapt the vast majority of our existing assets and create new infrastructure that copes with challenges we cannot yet fully predict.

Coping with this will require a new kind of design, engineering and delivery – one which delivers adaptable and smart solutions, prioritises materials and energy efficiency and yet still meets the highest standards of quality and safety. It will mean industry tackling problems in a more holistic way, modelling and dealing with interdependencies between risks that will be increased by issues as population growth and climate change.

As Professor Krueger will discuss, achieving all of this will need teams with the broadest array of skills, with engineers working alongside academics, politicians, economists and others. It will also require innovation on a global scale we have never seen before.

About the speaker

Prof Dr Uwe Krueger is CEO of Atkins. He has served as President of Cleantech Switzerland, a group providing sustainability advice to companies on behalf of the Swiss Federal Government. In addition he served as Senior Advisor for TPG Capital. Until September 2009 he was CEO of Oerlikon Group, a CHF4bn Swiss industrial conglomerate. As an honorary professor of physics, he lectures at the University of Frankfurt.

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