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Real Time Heathrow: Improving Heathrow's resilience: Appleton Lecture 2012

Philip Langsdale, Chief Technology Officer, BAA

From: Appleton Lecture 2012, London

17 April 2012  News

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About the presentation

Heathrow is a critical important transport hub for the UK and Europe. Operating at 99% capacity it needs to be resilient to extreme events such as snow, extreme weather, and ATC delays. The presentation will explain the nature of the challenges facing Heathrow and explore how Heathrow together with the airport community, has responded, especially to these challenges. Topics covered will include systems such as airport collaborative decision making, new command control systems, situational awareness and the associated changes in process and equipment..

About the speaker

Philip was appointed Chief Information Officer in September 2008 and has responsibility for developing IT across BAA. Philip has a strong background in top IT roles at Asda, Cable and Wireless, Midland Bank and at the BBC, where he was Chief Executive of BBC Technology. He has also acted as an IT adviser to British Airways. Most recently, Philip was a managing partner of an independent consultancy business, Langsdale Crook LLP and is currently owner and chairman of Cornish Crabbers LLP.
Philip has a sound track record of delivering technology programmes on time and in budget. He is an acknowledged and respected industry leader having sat on a number of influential industry bodies.

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