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Keynote: Creativity and Technology Forces Combine - Transcend the Barriers of Convention and Rethink What Can Be Achieved

Will. i. am

07 September 2012  IBC channel

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About the presentation

Join, International Recording Artist, Producer, Entrepreneur, and Intel’s Director of Creative Innovation and Johan Jervoe, Vice President, Partner Marketing at Intel Corporation for a lively discussion about creativity and change. In today’s rapidly changing world of how consumers access and watch content, everything in content production, delivery and promotion must be reexamined. Learn how creativity combined with technology can be used as a nexus for change, to identify and overcome conventional thinking, and challenge the status quo. Learn new ways at looking at problems and old habits. It will inspire you to rethink what can be achieved.

About the speaker

International Recording Artist, Producer, Technologist, Entrepreneur and Intel's Director of Creative Innovation, Intel Corporation, USA

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