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Live Streaming of the 2012 Olympic Games to Connected Devices

Jonathan Wood

08 September 2012  IBC channel

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About the presentation

Enabling Olympic Rights Holder Broadcasters to Expand their Digital Footprint

The Olympic Games have long been the ultimate in “appointment television†with viewers eagerly anticipating when their favorite sport will be broadcast live and arranging their schedules to accommodate this broadcast paradigm. However, with record growth in online viewing and device proliferation, appointments are not made with televisions but rather with any IP connected device that allows audiences to tune in wherever they are to catch their favorite sporting event live or to see the latest highlights from the games.

Join this panel of industry leading technology providers including iStreamPlanet and Haivsion who worked together to develop the “Go-Live Package,†a live streaming solution for the 2012 London Olympic Games. Learn how the technology providers partnered with Interxion, Europe’s largest data center provider and regional Olympic Rights Holder Broadcasters to help them expand their digital footprint with the online live streaming of the Olympic Games, cost effectively and securely delivering the games to specific regions and optimizing for a seamless device playback experience.

About the speaker

Segment Director, Digital Media at Interexion, UK

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