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Sports - Turning Olympic Games Spectators Into Participants: Broadcast Tools & Technology Of London 2012

Kimio Hamasaki

08 September 2012  IBC channel

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About the presentation

Audiences are demanding ever deeper immersion in sports broadcast, expecting an intimacy and immediacy to their viewing that not even experienced by people attending events live. Viewers want to be able to stand (or swim or ride or jump) shoulder to shoulder with athletes on the field, want to have every aspect of the competitive experience available to them. The 2012 Olympic Games is the ultimate broadcast challenge in providing audiences with a rich immersive experience across a variety of environments and within many different types of action. Illustrated with stunning clips of the London 2012 experience, this panel looks at the technological innovation used to bring audiences deeper than ever into the Olympic action, including 3D, Super Hi Vision, web distribution, and large scale IT solutions. After months of pre-games secrecy, be the first to hear technology companies disclose details of their Olympic Games experience and how they balanced innovation with the pressure to get everything perfect the first time.

About the speaker

Senior Research Engineer, NHK, JAPAN

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